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        Miele SUB20 Universal Brush

        Manufacturer: MieleProduct Code: 7475870

        Miele SUB20 Universal Brush

        OPN: 7475870

        Pack of 1

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        Fit to Models

        • S4 Series: S4210, S4211, S4212, S4260, S4261, S4262, S4280, S4281, S4282
        • S5 Series: S5210, S5222, S5260, S5261, S5280, S5281
        • S6 Series: S6210, S6220, S6230, S6310, S6320
        • S8 Series: S8390, S8590
        • CX Bagless Series: SCC10, SKCE0, SKCE2, SKCF2, SKCF3, SKCP3, SKCR3, SKRE0, SKRE2, SKRF3, SKRG2, SKRP3, SKRR3
        • Condition: New
        • Weight: 0.57kg
        • Width: 23.3cm
        • Height: 7.1cm
        • Depth: 4.5cm
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