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        MIELE GN Universal XL-8-Pack Dustbag with SUB20 Brush

        Manufacturer: MieleProduct Code: GN3D-XL-8PACK-SUB20

        OPN: 11476550

        Package Contains in a genuine miele box:

        • Universal GN3D Bag - 8 Pack
        • Air Clean Filter - 2 Pack
        • Compartment Filter - 2 Pack
        • SUB20 Brush - 1 Pack
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        • HyClean 3D Efficiency GN Universal brush free when buying eight dust bags.
        • Highest efficiency when vacuuming with low wattage
        • Longer service life thanks to the dust bag's 3D technology
        • The bag can be changed cleanly thanks to the automatic bag closure
        • SUB20 with natural hair bristles for gentle and flexible cleaning
        • Contents: eight dust bags, four filters and a SUB20
        • Condition: New
        • Weight: 0.8kg
        • Width: 38.7cm
        • Height: 18.1cm
        • Depth: 15.3cm
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