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        Kenwood KAX643ME Rotary Slicer Grater

        Manufacturer: KenwoodProduct Code: KAX643

        The Rotary Slicer/Grater attachment is great for preparing carrots, potatoes, cucumber and much more.

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        This device cuts through the most laborious kitchen chores.

        With its high quality, traditional slicing, shredding and rasping drums for vegetables, salad, cheese, chocolate and nuts, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

        Will this attachment fit my machine?

        This attachment will fit the following machines:

        • A701/ A707 (Manufactured before 1976) -?NO
        • A901/A907 (1976 onwards) ?-?YES?- With?Adapter KAT001ME
        • Chef/Major models beginning with KM -?YES?- With?Adapter KAT001ME
        • Sense/ Sense XL?-?Yes
        • Chef/ Chef XL (post 2016) models beginning with KVC or KVL -?Yes
        • kMix Stand Mixers -?Yes
        • Prospero -?NO
        • Patissier?- NO
        • MultiOne?- NO?

        The model number can be found on the underside of your machine - e.g. KM330, KMC501, KM010 etc.

        • Condition: New
        • Weight: 1.55kg
        • Width: 21cm
        • Height: 14cm
        • Depth: 12cm
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